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Slowest resto ever - Project AmsterFoose / Current subject: Cowl.

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Trunk floor update.


Patch 1/3 is now done:




I learned so much about welding doing this patch! The importance of keeping the heat low but also that you can actually use TOO much shielding gas. By no means am I now a good welder but I’m getting better :-)


So today I started on the second patch. Getting this far with this patch went sooo much faster than with the other one, even the plug welds went a bit better:




To be continued in 2 weeks. Is this resto slow enough for you? :-)

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Oohhhhh things are speeding up coz welding in this second patch only took me... today! Welding is becoming easier thanks to all the advice I’ve taken in like do not grind during welding, cool with a wet rag etc.









Tomorrow I’m gonna start a patch around the filler neck which requires playing with one of my new hammers :-)

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Going well and lucky you had Fabrice there to help you along

Make sure after grinding down your welds to tack up any pin holes

I'm not a good welder but with practice got better at

I am pretty good with a grinder though!

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So excited! Today I got to use my funky hammer!


I cut out the rust around the filler neck:




I learned this from a youtube video:














And then I had a new, quite well fitting filler opening:




Patching will happen in prolly 2 weeks. Can’t go tooooo fast ;-)

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Looks so good! Great handcraft! :)

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Daniel ::thumb::


Pro-Touring 1973 Mustang named ''Creator'' ... :P

Under construction!!

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The goal this weekend was welding in the patch around the filler neck. I learned about making sure the ground cable is clamped on well. I managed to get decent welds in the end but I clamped it on to a surface that had zink spray on it. After relocating it to a spot with bare metal my welds improved noticably! So I patched around the filler neck first:




On the left I sanded too much though and after trying to fix a bad weld I ended up with a hole. After a night of sleep I decided it wasn’t worth trying to fill-weld it and that I’d cut it out and patch my patch ;-) The result:




Pretty pleased with this.


I also had a side goal which was fixing a corner of the top-back of the quarter panel. Worked out well too:




And then I mocked up my new tail light panel:




That was a good weekend. Now I’m off to watch Le Mans ‘66!

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Turning out some nice work there Vinnie

I know I have had some doubts before about tackling a job I'm not familiar with but in the end just do it and it usually turns out fine although not always perfect

It's a good feeling when you get over the hurdles and just gives you more confidence for the next challenge

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I knew you'd bite and nail it! Well done!


You realise it's just a mock-up? It's not welded in yet. I might actually put patches in other holes in the trunk floor. Some that are original but have no use and some made by the PO putting in a LPG tank.

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You realise it's just a mock-up? It's not welded in yet.

I ment the tank filler hole patch. It's obvious the tail panel has to be welded ;)

73 modified Grande 351C. (Finally back on the road woohoo!) 

71 429CJ. ( In progress )

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Kinda trying to find out what the best next step would be and figured I’d look at the quater patch I bought NEW from Germany, was NOT cheap to get here...








I forgot what a piece of sh€t it was and couln’t bear the look of that crooked insert anymore!


Thankfully it was attached with only a few spotwelds so I had it drilled out in no time! :-)




Looks better alteady:




Now I have to make an insert myself. Interesting fabrication job:






More tomorrow...

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Wow, this is a royal pita. Such a little piece of sheet metal but crooked in every direction. Good luck to me...


I ended up using my third sheet as I screwed up the first two.


The score so far:



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That was pretty bad. How about if you used the screwed up crooked piece, installed it straight and welded in a small piece to match to the rest of the panel. That way you won't have to try duplicating all of the complex bends.



“If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough.”

--Albert Einstein


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  • Vinnie changed the title to Slowest resto ever - Project AmsterFoose / Current subject: Cowl.

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