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Blackstone Oil Test

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As offered in an earlier thread, below is my oil report which I just received from Blackstone Lab's.  Thought the car is a 73 and they list it as being 74, the report also indicates I have high levels of Iron, copper and lead.  This car was a new purchase last year and she came out of Virginia, so we were not sure what to expect and/or if a rebuild is required.  If anyone wishes to comment on the values, I'm all ears.

Blackstone was very easy to work with if anyone is interested.






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I don't think oil test would be the basis of if an engine needs to be rebuilt or not. You would have to do what they say in the notes.....change oil , retest and change oil and retest IN 1000 miles if you want to know (probably the lead numbers) accuracy and effect (from say warn bearings)

It's almost like the first test isn't the baseline -rather the difference between the 2nd and 3rd.


Personally leakdown, compression along with emmisions (if you have access) would be the starting place. These are the efficiency factors oil pressure in relationship to temperature would tell a different area. (Read: ware) Good for you for not just "running to I'm going to rebuild my engine". There is alot to learn !



P.S. One thing I learned 45 years ago was "if you think you can add 4Brl, headers and dual point to a 150K engine" WITH OUT effecting the bottom end FAST you can't. (ever since that first blowup - I have built my engines from the crank up)

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Very difficult to make any determinations from the oil test without knowing a lot more about the car. How long was it in storage, was the engine ever rebuilt, in other words a complete history of the car. For instance, if the last time it ran leaded fuel was still available. Like Mark said, the old stuff needs to be flushed out before you can even consider one of the tests to be a baseline that can then be used to compare future tests against.



“If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough.”

--Albert Einstein


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Thank you to all and I'll be checking the new oil ingredients before I add it.

Next step; pressure test (stress test). I'll post those results along with the leak-down also.




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