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Stabilizer bar bushing install


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I bought some new end links and bushings for the stabilizer bar. The old bushings were a softer rubber and stretched over the large end of the bar. The new ones are a solid hard rubber with no give at all. Is there a secret to getting these on or do they need to be cut and slipped over the bar? I've watched some youtube videos and they are all cut and easy to install. Grease doesn't help either. Thanks.

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When I bought an upgraded Addco sway bar from Mustangs Unlimited, the bushings already had a slit in them, as shown below. Seems like they should have a slit in them but if not, I would think you could probably cut one in order to slip the bushing on.


Also if they are polyurethane you need to put some lubricant around it or they will squeak.



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