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You're now in 1971...


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I'm for once speechless.  lollerz ... now I know you are all nut jobs 


@Spike ... I'm sure you were with the band Landscape... or was it the Thompson Twins :D... but that's the 80's.....


.... Oh hang on - I had a mullet in 80's ... OMFG .... 1sostaic hides under the stairs in embarrassment


Enjoy's searching out 71-73 history

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As being back in 71... I was 4, and hated the clothes my mom put on me. Elephant pipes always in my way, ridiculous colour combos...had to wait till I was 14 for a descent pair of jeans!

Had tons of Matchbox and Dinky cars, didn't know back then that my fav yellow with big chrome engine car was a replica of a car I'd spend my weekends to restore almost 50 years later :)

Car wise I don't regret this period nor the 80's at all.


Right there with ya, Brutha - across the board! Technically though, I was only 3 in 1971, since I was born on New Years' Eve of 1971.


I like '80s cars just fine as well. I would've loved to have owned an '82-'88 Trans Am particularly, but my first car was an '82 Mustang GL hatchback (still miss that car).


Back to the original topic: were I of age and had the means, I would've ordered a Grabber Yellow & Black M-Code Mach 1, with FMX, 3.50 gears, power steering, power brakes, A/C, no stripes, no spoilers, and no Ram Air (would've added it later with the hood locks) - I actually like the clean look with just the rockers painted black. Interior would've been Ginger Deluxe with full gauges, power windows, power locks, and rear window defroster along with a nice stereo that would've gotten upgraded later when cassettes came out. Sport covers for the wheels, that just would've gotten swapped for some fat BFGs and 15" Keystone Classics or Torque Thrusts. I would've also added rear window louvers, Lakewoods, jacked-up the back a few inches, and tossed on some of those cheesy black plastic mud flaps.


Pretty much the same car I have now, except that mine was an H-Code with factory Ram Air, Pewter & Black, Black Deluxe interior, no A/C, and 3.00 gears. I went with Cragars since I've never actually seen a set of 15" Keystone Classics, and everybody has Torque Thrust IIs on their hot rods around here.



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