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Front Shock Size

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According to Pedders Corp, the Sport Ryder shocks shown in the attached photograph is the correct size for a 73 Mustang.  However, we found the Pedders shock cylinder body to be 1 inch longer than the unknown shock that was already in the car when we picked it up a couple years ago.  We do not know if the original shock is correct in the first place.

After installing the driver's side Pedders shock, it sat approx. 1 inch below the upper edge of the shock tower while the unknown sat 2 inches on the passenger's side.  I do not want to have the Pedders shock bottom out if it is the wrong size which will then result in damage to the shock tower, brace and suspension.  Pedders Corp swears that it is the correct one and it does come up on their website when you insert the type of car.

Does any one know how high the top of the cylinder body for a correct shock should be (regardless of manufacture) to the top of the shock tower?









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Position of the top of the shock relative to the shock tower will change as many have lowered their cars, others sit higher than stock due to modifications, aluminum engine parts etc.


I have a set of Konis on the shelf and the body measures 7 3/4", same as the shock on the right.


Personally, I think they'll be okay. There's not a lot of upward suspension travel in these cars, maybe 3"~4" from ride height at the upper ball joint. Keep in mind that the shock cap is another 2" in height, plus the motion ratio between ball joint and shock is not equal. IIRC it's 1.7, so the ball joint moves 1.7" for every 1" of shock travel.



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Thank you. The 1.7 ratio puts me more at ease.



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