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Rear electric widow motor

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I have a pretty lazy rear window motor. I couldn't find a replacement.  Would you folks have any suggestions for me? Thank you.20190517-080704.jpg

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The quarter window pancake motor's can be disassembled and cleaned. Replace the brushes while a part. Be very.careful with bending the casing tabs and the servo inside (the copper disc) it is impossible to find replacements. I have taken many a part and restored their operation without any trouble. Their is also a company called Nu Relic making replacement regulators with new gm style motors. I just posted info on them. https://www.7173mustangs.com/thread-power-window-conversion-or-replacement-kit

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If you buy another I would be interested in your lazy one, lol. If you rebuild yourself use Lucas Red N Tacky #2 grease much better than old stuff. Use it on the tracks and rollers also in the window. Lots of time the tracks and rollers get gummed up causing some of the slow movement.

I did not have time to take mine apart on my 73 Mach 1 before it went to the museum but will when I bring it home.

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