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keeps going and going

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O  Let my son take the Mach out for a run today.  Took his brother to witness.  They both have Dodge SRT8's.One Charger other has Challenger.

They got home and said the engine sounds great and keeps on pulling even at high speeds. Said has problem because speedometer stops at 120 as they  showed me video

of the dash.  "We had to let off due to traffic"  I now hide my keys.   Has 2.73 single gears, so not quick off the line but has great top end.  They still want me to add gears so I can spin both tires


Alan L

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Do some searching on the net. Way back in the 60's a poor mans version of posi traction was to add an extra set of axle gear shims to the 9" rear. Do not know how long the rear will hold up but seems like the original place I read about it was in an old Hot Rod magazine back then. 

Had a friend do it to his Henry J with 454 and worked fine for him with big slicks. 

I do hope you have drive shaft loop and they should do track days to go that fast. Today's roads are just too crowded to make high speed runs.

Make sure they do not post the video they can be arrested and charged by using the video. Has happened on facebook many times. 

Go to the facebook page for crashed muscle cars some you cannot tell what they were after a high speed crash and of course all died also.

I love to go fast myself but car I am going with will have full cage, driveshaft loops, racing harness and helmet. Track days are not cheap but better than the alternative. 

Hard to run and hide from the law in one of our cars most towns only have a very few so easy to track down.

Here is link to the facebook page with the crashed muscle and collector cars. https://www.facebook.com/groups/414401702003564/

When a man is in the woods and talks and no women are there is he still wrong??:P


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