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Front Coil Spring Perch Tab

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Quick question.  I am just now getting around to install my front suspension.  Got all new parts since car didn't have any when I got it.  Question is about the spring perch tab.  Does it go towards the inside near the apron or out towards the wheel?  If anyone has pics of this area, they would be appreciated as well.



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The perch sits on the upper control arm and bolts to it. The shock goes inside of the spring after installation. I just finished my front suspension a few weeks ago. I used the spring compressor that bolts directly to the perch. Compressed the spring, then installed the new upper control arm, released the spring compression slowly and guided it into the perch mounting holes on the control arm.  The perch has a Tab that will mate with the lower spring end and that is facing the inside toward the shock tower wall. Attached is a pic that I found that may help with orientation. Good luck.




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Just ripped mine out yesterday. Found the spring that was already in the tower (blue) was far shorter than the one going back in. May explain the hard ride. Ripped the suspension out as one whole unit.










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Highly recommend the roller spring perches!







the hundred online free


mustang7173 🇺🇸

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