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It was the threat of hail that kept me from going and the fact that my car leaks on the inside of the roof. The fn idiot that rebuilt my car didn’t think he had to seal the roof rails. Guess what I’m doing this winter? Lol and while I’m at it I might as well put in roll down rear windows. Anybody have the stuff to do it for sale?

 Yes, hail will definitely keep me home too. 


When mine was redone back in 2014, my guy did put in the rubber strips needed between the roof edge trim and the lower part plus he sealed it with some sort of body sealer, similar to, but not, silicone. My problem is he did too good a job as it seems he overtightened the screws. Now I get squeaks every time I'm on a rough road, drives me nuts! On top of that, in certain light conditions, I can see stress marks on the original (was) near perfect condition trim pieces. I'm hoping I can remove the rubber seals and loosen the screws a tad. Sooo, why haven't I done this a long time ago...…….. good question.

Note: the special screws for this job have sealant on them.



 I learn something new every day!

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