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73 Mach1 Project

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Power steering pump finished.

I was missing the pulley and pressure relief valve and a special thanks to member OzCoupe72 who found spare ones among his bits & pieces.



Humm never seen that style of pump on a 73 or 72 do not have a 71. If it works fine I guess.

When a man is in the woods and talks and no women are there is he still wrong??:P


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Thanks for your comments David.

The Saginaw/Ford pumps with "teardrop" tanks were used extensively on many vehicles in the early 70's. My pump has been matched to the RHD steering box used in our Mustang equivalent, the XA, XB Falcons. I have no concerns whether it will work. My 73 project will never be "concourse" correct with the RH conversion, so the spoiler brackets also do not concern me as they were attached and did not detract from the overall look of the spoiler.


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Hello David (Carolina_Mountain_Mustang)

Your eyes are not failing you, the Saginaw P/S pump was never production installed on any Mustang from 1964 production to present. The only exception was some Eaton pumps on some early 64 1/2-65 built Mustangs.

The first use of the Saginaw pumps started in 1972 on the T-Bird, Lincoln Town Car, and Mark Series. The pump was used starting in 1974 on full-size Fords with 400, 460 engines, some 351C/M, and all models with hydro-boost. The Econoline van used the Saginaw pump on some applications starting in the '80s.

The advantage of retrofitting the Saginaw pump was a plentiful salvage yard supply, and they were not noisy and prone to leaks like the pre-1978 Ford "Metal Can" pump. A lot of my friends who off-road with their Ford trucks switched over to the Saginaw pump since the pump and brackets were easily sourced from the E series van. A quieter pump and one leak less to chase is also an advantage considering the abuse these trucks receive!  :)



No Officer...I really don't know how fast I was going, my speedometer stopped at 140!

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About time for another update. I had to take a month off from the project but back on track again.

Engine bay is 99% complete. Radiator and shroud in, all hoses, cables, etc connected.






Finishing off panels, front bumper, etc prior to final painting.









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I could not take the heat you have there for sure, whew. With all the news being about the virus have not heard much about the fires there. Has it rained and have the fires burnt out? I know some of my buddies that shoot lots are upset about the Hogdon powder plant burning down. They cannot get the powder they use for shooting 1,000 yard range. They are nuts about accuracy. Heck I haven't shot a target in a long time. I just get rifle out go shot a deer and put it back up. 

Your car has moved along quite good with all the modifications you have to make to do the R.H. drive. Do you just eliminate the parking brake or are you doing something off a Falcon for that?

For your honey comb panel they cars originally had a little section on each side blacked out beside the tail lights here is a pic of how they were. I guess they just wanted the black to carry out to the lights.

Great work and keep on pushing. At the factory they painted the black first then stuck some masking tape over it and sprayed body color. 


When a man is in the woods and talks and no women are there is he still wrong??:P


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Thanks David,

Fires are all out now and the grass green again. Will take some years for all that damage to recover.

Point noted on the small blackout section near the tail lights. I did see that in one of your earlier posts.

Park brake is the original, now mounted to the left of the steering column. Just swapped the park brake cables, anchor point, etc L to R.

Not a great picture but this is how it looks.



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Progress update.

Sound deadening and insulation under way.




Exhaust system installed.




Body work finished and off to paint shop next month for final finishing and painting.



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Engine bay - final wiring, various hoses, AC condenser, distributor, etc. Now ready to fire it up.


To comply with regs for registration, direction indicators need to be amber in colour and RHD conversions can't have flashing brake lights as indicator. The original RHD conversion had painted lenses in front and the reverse lights painted and used as rear indicator. I didn't like the painted lens look and managed to find a sealed indicator light that fitted almost perfectly into the front indicator housing. Not far off the original clear pattern. I'm still to decide what to do with the rear indicators.




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Starting to come together and engine bay looking sharp

Luckily mine had the rear indicators done in amber, not sure if lenses were custom cut or purchase somewhere? If you like I can have a closer look and see if any part number and/or brand on them. I just changed the wiring and bulb sockets to suit and the tail lamp sockets are easy to get from Ashdown Ingram or similar.

Good luck with firing her up.

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