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Hood to Cowl seal


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This may be a stupid question, but how does one install this seal on a 73? I bought a kit and came to me as a seal and some type of push fasteners. I can't find any holes in the seal.



Please help!wshc10.jpg


There was a discussion on this topic a couple of months back.  Search under your subject heading - you should find it.  In summary, you will need to make tiny slits in the flat ( under ) side to push the plastic pins into.  If you have the old one, put them side by side to get the positions.  If not just follow the holes in top of the cowl.  Don't stretch it too much.  Start at one end and go easy.

Have fun.


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I believe I remember reading that one member used a soldering iron with a pencil tip to burn the holes in it. This should give a hole that is less likely to tear out. Another thing I would consider using is a leather hole punch.



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