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73 H code with 4V engine

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So I have had this car for 20 years and restored it myself back in 2002. I never really paid the engine much attention other than changing some engine parts like the water pump or distributor. Most of the work to restore it was the body, interior and electrical. I checked the heads recently to see what type of gasket ill need for the valve covers and realized they are 4V. I was able to talk to the guy I bought it from years ago and he said its a Q code engine. The vin starts with 3F05H, but the original owner was a mechanic and did some work to it. He found the engine in a salvage yard in another mustang, rebuilt it and put it in the 73'. I've wanted to get a ram air induction for the mustang and wanted to know if I should label the intake or hood with the 351 4V hood and breather decal since its not a Q code car or if it doesn't matter since it is a daily driver.


   Guess i just need to find a Q code in a junk yard and swap the dash and drivers door XD

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The hood stickers only say 351 Ram Air. It matters not whether you have a 4v or 2v, or whether the engine is correct to the VIN code. It will look correct to an admirer.


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Ford did not put a sticker on the Ram Air cleaner lid itself. The example of the the 351 Ram Air on the outside of the hood is all that Ford put on them. The air cleaner lid will just be Ford corporate blue.

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