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My woes continue.....

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So, I seen an ad for Centerline champion 500 rims which I happen  to really like. They were 15", 5 lug with Ford pattern. 3 rims had pattern, 2 rims uni-lug

 I drove a 4hr trip and it seems that the 3 with pattern do not fit. They have a 4 1/2 bolt pattern but are off a bit(see middle picture).  The uni's look ok, but the center hole is 3/4 larger then the stock rims. Any idea what these are from? Can they still be used?

Alex 20190930-165710.jpg





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Those are a uni-lug type wheel. You need the proper spacer and lug nuts to make them work. They have to be right, or you'll have issues. Link below to what the washers look like - not saying these are the ones you need...




The middle picture looks like the cast insert between the aluminum face and steel rim has moved. Use a screwdriver to push it back into position.



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