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1972 351c keeps stalling

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Does that mean it will not accelerate or handle a load at all, Or does it run for a while then suddenly stall out.


If it won't take a load at all it is one set of possible problems,  If it dies while driving I think it is more fuel related.



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Might be a fuel level problem in the fuel bowls, plugged passages in the main circuit or accelerator pump circuit. If you have an original point distributor it could be point adjustment or worn point plate pivot that changes the point gap when the vacuum to the vacuum advance changes. It could also be a weak coil or bad spark plugs that can't provide a spark when the cylinder pressure increases. Just take on one thing at a time and see if it improves it before going on to the next.



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I think you’ll get more helpful ideas if you can provide more details- does the engine sputter, lose power and then stall or does it just shut off like the ignition was turned off?


Have you checked the basics- fuel filter, fuel pump pumping, good spark etc?


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What carb do you have on this baby? Factory or aftermarket?

As others already mentioned, there are MANY thigs that could cause your problem.

Carb issues might be, acceleration pump not working, power valve (if equipped) dirt in the primary jets, passages, vents etc.

Maybe a good carb rebuild is in order.

Just a few thoughts.



 I learn something new every day!

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