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Details 1972 351C keeps stalling

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Sorry, i should have know better.  


The car was sitting for about 3 years.  i started it a few times to get the engine warmed.  starts ok, idles ok at 16 on the vacuum 

guage.  i had a friend replace the upper gasket on the the carb because he said it was causing a vacuum leak.  now, car won't drive 

under any kind of load.  no matter how i ease into it when i give it some gas it stalls out.  the car is the original ford 4300, original 

distributor, new spark plugs and wires.  fuel line is clear, new fuel filter accelerator pump seems ok, i haven't checked the distributor.  

only thing i noticed is the gasket he replaced and the front of the carb is wet with gas.  

not a carb guy, don't know how to check the float.


hope that is enough to go off of.





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Three years of sitting and having old fuel drying in it is a sure recipe for varnish in the carburetor, and unless you used Stabil in the gas tank, also in the tank, lines, and fuel pump. I would start with rebuilding the carburetor.


Stick your nose in the gas tank and see if it smells like gasoline and not something else. Old gas has a distinctive odor. If it is old, your tank, lines, and fuel pump need to be flushed out before you try to run it again. Old, varnish laden gas can mess up an engine.



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Thanks for the info!


I’m not a 4300 expert but it sounds like maybe the accelerator pump isn’t pumping and you aren’t getting the additional fuel off idle.


With engine off, open the throttle while looking down the throat of the carb and see if you can see fuel squirting.


Maybe somebody else has other ideas?


Obviously the leak should be addressed as well!


Good luck!


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Aside from issues resulting from old fuel and leaking top, it sounds like you still have a pretty significant vacuum leak. Check base of carb with straight edge, install new base gasket, try spraying carb cleaner at base when idling to see if idle rises (source of vacuum leak)

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Sure sounds like you have bad old gas. And it sounds like your friend didn’t replace the gasket, or whatever he did correct. Like the others have said you will need to flush the entire fuel system. Trying to start a car with 3 year old gas is a bad idea. Hopefully that’s the only problem and good luck with getting it figured out.

John - 72 Q Code

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