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1971 Ford Mustang Mach 1 Power Steering Conversion


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So after 30 plus years of ownership and just plain tired of muscling this muscle car, I made the decision to convert my manual steering Mach 1 to power steering. The car is a base Mach with a 351, manual brakes and a 4 speed, no AC 


I looked at several options, from converting to electric (discarded this idea as I would have had to cut the steering column and the cost would have been over $1,500), using a Borgeson unit (discounted this due to some feedback on possible fitment issues) - which in the end, left me with sourcing an OE set up. 


After a month or so of research, I was able to source all of the parts needed. While not a cheap conversion and hours of preparation, sandblasting and painting, I am glad I made the change. For those that may be interested in making such a change, I’ve listed the parts needed and my sources. One suggestion - when sourcing crank and water pump pulleys, be sure to get them from the same car, or ensure that you get the correct cast date numbers.



Part               Part #                 Source

PS box (var)     16153             West Coast Classic Cougar

Index Brkt        23392            West Coast Classic Cougar

Cap and stick   42040            West Coast Classic Cougar

Attachments    23370            West Coast Classic Cougar

Front Brkt        25284            West Coast Classic Cougar

PS Brkt           25013            West Coast Classic Cougar

PS Bolts          41010            West Coast Classic Cougar

Pivot Bolt        41012             West Coast Classic Cougar

ID Tag             25662             West Coast Classic Cougar

Spacer            23391             West Coast Classic Cougar

Pressure hose  14077            West Coast Classic Cougar

Ret Hose         14076             West Coast Classic Cougar

PS Pulley        18589             West Coast Classic Cougar

Pitman Arm     30128             West Coast Classic Cougar

PS Outlet tube 27300             Mustang Masters

Hose Retainer   10940            West Coast Classic Cougar

Crank Pulley                           Ebay

Water Pump Pulley                Ebay

PS Pump                               Rock Auto

PS Pump Res   25427            West Coast Classic Cougar

PS Pump Belt                        Rock Auto

Alt Belt                                  Rock Auto

PS Coupler       3A525-2        West Coast Classic Cougar

Pump Paint      OE Blue Met  Missouri Mustang

Bracket Paint    14147Z          Eastwood Under Hood Black 2K 

PS Fluid           ATF                NAPA

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Back in the day, I wouldn't consider having a vehicle with power steering or air conditioning. Now I wouldn't do without it. Even have to have power windows, now-a-days, which my Mustang doesn't have. Something else to add to the want-to-do (dream) list.


Good job getting it installed, amazing how many parts it takes for something that doesn't seem that it would be difficult.



“If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough.”

--Albert Einstein


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