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Hey guys just a quick question, What do most of you use for body filler, Is there anything better than 3M Bondo or not, It seams that bondo doesnt fill the areas I need to. I have seen the yellow putty used on tv and by members here. anything would help thanks guys!

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INMHO Bondo was such crap years ago, that I havent touched a can of it in 25 yrs. or so. I think you'll find that there are many good polyester fillers. I personally use mostly NAPA Micro Lite. not because its any better, but its available localy and is price effective for me. But on the side of that, if I feel I need something stronger and more durable I go to fiber strand type fillers. They have strands of fiberglass in them and are much more durable to stress and moisture. They are alittle harder to sand, but nothing that will kill you.

Just remember moisture is the worst enemy, get moisture behind it and its Toast. thats when it will start bubbling and coming lose. So if your patching over holes they have to be welded or sealed well.

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+1 for the Evercoat products.

I sell and deliver product to body shops daily. By far, Evercoat is the most prominent filler on their shelves.


It seams that bondo doesnt fill the areas I need to.


What areas are you filling? If dents, then they need hammered out more before filling. Filler should be as thin as possible.


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hey guys!! As it is stated avove, bondo is not recomended at all... Poliester is better but it is only recomended for superficial work... NOT FOR FILL dents or anything... My personal rule is any kinda poliester fill cant be more that 2 milimeters deep... (arround 0,1 inches).. and never be applied on a "soft" sheet of metal (sometimes if the skin has suffered a lot, it just moves too much and break any fill you apply to it...


I do use a made in spain poliester & metallic fill traded Roberlo...Not cheap at all but as it is metallic fill, it is much more stable under different temps (the big problem is when at different temperatures, metal expands more or less than the filler causing cracks by movement)... Besides, it suppose to have magnetic propperties that makes the attachment on the metal sheet stronger.


You guys should have a lot more variants for this or every body work but the important thing is to think filler as not a magic tool with you can sculpe the acual shape of the car!... It is always better to do the metal sheet better than to fill more than recomended with bondo... at long, it will be much more expensive


Hope it helps!!

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Evercoat makes some really good fillers. Over welds and such, use a waterproof filler with a short strand fiberglass reinforcement.


For regular use, the Napa Microlite is good, Evercoat's Rage series is really good.


Evercoat also makes "putties" that are thinner and designed for filling very fine imperfections.


Once you're done with that, you'll be into a high build 2K (2-part) urethane primer.


...and as always, follow the surface prep directions on the can and do not try to fill over an acid-etching primer. Filler will not stick to it....



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