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Correct paint scheme for trunk area on cars with sport deck rear seat option 1973

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Hi guys, 


I need some information for my paint guy before he applies the body color. 


Especially the side sheet metal besides the trap door - were they body color with light overspray from the floor with spattered paint? 


Was it like this through 1973 too? 








Never drive faster than your guardian angel can fly :angel:

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This is my original 73. Yes they got over spray on the trap door, side marker lights painted and wire harness. The guy spraying it probably did not even look when he was doing it. The rubber plugs in the floor are also painted. I put these pics on the question about the spatter paint also.

I can get more pics since the car is here now not in the museum. 














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Thank you very much, David, for all the pics! 


They are a very good reference - even the sound dampener structure on the sides, which I changed. So I have a good template! 


:thankyouyellow: :coolphotos:



Never drive faster than your guardian angel can fly :angel:

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