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Exhaust pipe adapter

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I'd like to swap my mufflers but the brand I want to get only offers 2.5" diameter mufflers. My pipes are 2.25".

Would it be ok to use muffler/pipe adapter from 2.25 to 2.5 for the inlets and outlets? Would be a 1/4" larger muffler with stock size pipes make difference on anything?


Bottom line: I want to replace the whole system to a 2.5" when I'm ready to get the headers so It would be a 'temporary' thing without welding. I'd just clamp it then when I'll replace the whole thing for the same size I won't need to cut it from the 2.25 pipes.

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Thanks. Basically the exhaust line would be the same except that quarter increase in the size of the muffler. I double checked the manufacturer and they said you can use their 2.5 mufflers with a 2.25 system. Probably .25 inch wouldn't hurt. The mufflers are from https://www.blackwidowexhaust.com/ (venom 250) if sy interested. There's a lots of sound samples on the site. Kinda throaty, crisp sound what I'm after.

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