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Trunk Light Original Markings

Motorcity Mustang

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Was cleaning up my trunk light and wiring tonight and found two daubs of paint on the light housing that are original.  Interesting that they are on both sides of the light housing.  One pink and one white daub of paint.  Never knew that had markings on it before.  IMG-0981.jpg







Thanks from MotorCity Mustang!


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I've cleaned up two of them and never noticed paint daubs. I should pay closer attention. I'm beginning to think that that there were as many workers applying paint daubs as were assembling the cars. Keep us posted on progress. The work you do is excellent. Chuck

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I would almost bet that the factory that made the lights had to apply them showing that they had been tested. As a supplier to Ford we had to put marks on lots of parts especially if you ever had an issue. 

Say Ford got a trunk light that the supplier forgot to put the mercury in the switch and it did not work. So they make the mfg. of the light mark the lights when the mercury is installed and also that the light was tested. 

Lots of fasteners get paint marks to show that the operator actually did their torque on a safety critical fastener.

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