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Dome Light Not Working


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I'm restoring a 71 Mach 1.  I removed the engine and interior.  I am in the process of reinstalling the original wire harness, front dash, heat/ac box,  gauges, etc.    I have most of the lights working - head lights, tail lights, side markers, speedo/clock cluster lights, and radio all work.  The dome light and instrument gauge lights on the center console don't work.  


I've replaced the head light switch and the turn signal switch in the steering column.  


For the dome light,  there is no power at the light,  or at the door switches.  The fuse is good.  


What else can I look for?  Is it possible that the problem is in the main harness connection?  I added a photo before I stripped it down - no relevance to the dome light issue.  



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Never mind.  I was able to get it working.  I pulled the harness apart, cleaned all contacts.  Pulled all the fuses and cleaned those contacts, and replaced all fuses.  Since I  changed several variables at once, I don't know exactly what the problem was.  If I had to guess,  the fuse contacts were pretty crusty from sitting for 25+ years in a garage.  The dome light and instrument panel lights are now working.  Thanks anyway.

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If you have the dash out you should go through and clean all connections, pins and sockets and grounds. Go get you a tube of Permatex electrical grease. I have used for years on utility trailer lights and camper lights. They stay working much longer. Here is link to what you need. Can be any brand, boat shops, camper shops and your local auto parts store should have in stock.


Use on every connection and ground under dash, maker lights, spark plug wires, tail lights and all connections in the whole car.

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