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Dog dish caps

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Hey Ray,

Not sure about trim ring P/N's, but

I do agree that there are two different 14" trim rings- a thinner version for the 14x6" wheels and thicker ones for 14x7" wheels.

Not sure what dictated the different wheels unless it was only what tires or Comp Suspension or some thing.



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There were three different trim rings utilized for the 71-3 Mustang. The 14" x 6" wheel used D0DZ-1210-A (D0DA-A, B) This trim ring was sourced from the '70/ Maverick. The 14" x 7" wheel used D0ZZ-1210-B (D0ZA-B, E). This trim ring was sourced from the '70 Mustang. The 15" x 7" wheel used D0ZZ-1210-C (D0ZA-1210-D, G). This trim ring was sourced from the '70 Boss 302 which was the first of the first generation Mustangs to use a 15" x 7" steel rim. All trim rings had a brushed finish. Ford did not use a bright or chrome finish trim ring on these wheels. There was a running change on the valve stem hole. There were reports from the field that the original trim ring with the round hole was cutting and damaging the valve stem when removed for maintenance. Engineering released new trim rings with an oval or "Racetrack" shaped hole that made removing the trim ring easier without damaging the valve stem.
The center cap dog dishes were the same size regardless of rim size. The difference is a brushed finish for trim ring-equipped cars and a shiny or chrome finish for non-trim ring vehicles. The 15" trim rings were only utilized from 1970-72 on the Mustang and 70-71 on the Torino. So finding a nice set 50 years later can be a frustrating and expensive search.

What rims were standard and optional was dependent on how the vehicle was equipped. Different body styles, standard and optional equipment weights, all were factors on the wheel and tire size. At one time Ford restricted the use of Magnum wheels on the '71 Torino. They were not available on station wagons, any model with a 6 cyl engine, or any model with a 429 and AC. A lot of this came about because of the safety related limitations of the F60 X 15" tires and the additional weight of different models and equipment combinations.

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No Officer...I really don't know how fast I was going, my speedometer stopped at 140!

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