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shift light

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Hey all, 

Looking to install a shift light on my 71 fb with 408 and 4 speed car.

I am using the rocketmans conversion tachometer and duraspark ignition with an e core coil.

Looking to see what you all have and what has worked well for you.

Not running a msd box at this time but I would like it to be compatable with that as well.

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Just one way some work. My buddy that has a 500+ CI 160 mph GTO only uses the tach to stage. He shifts when the car quits pulling not based on an RPM but the seat of his pants. He currently has auto but also has another GTO with 4 speed and turns in 12's with street tires. Same he shifts by the feel of the car. You feel the front dropping and just not pulling.

With a manual trans you should put the MSD or some system on with RPM limiter to prevent floating valves. 

A guy at the track wanted him to make a pass in his car and get his opinion on how it ran. He turned the best ET the car ever put down and never looked at the tach. People get hung up on turning high RPM. Torque is what pulls the car not rpm so if you pass you highest torque peak for your engine you will not gain. If road racing you might want higher rpm with less torque to prevent wheel spin. 

Just what I have seen in the past.

When a man is in the woods and talks and no women are there is he still wrong??:P


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I also drive manual transmissions by the feel of the car, not by RPMs, I had an old Plymouth back in the early 80s that I could change gears without even touching the clutch, just knew the feel of it and when was right to shift.



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Seat-of-the-pants always worked for me, either driving a car, or a truck. I learned early on driving a truck with non-synchro transmission and no tach, splitting gears with a 2-speed rear end,



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--Albert Einstein


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