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Great step by step how to on body and paint.


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I am in recovery from moving firewood. Hauled 14 loads and still have maybe 10 more. This is a trailer pilled high so my back is killing me. 

So I looked for something interesting on youtube and found a really great video. It was made by House of Kolor and shows all the steps in doing a paint job.

They strip the old paint off, remove all the trim, weld up the trim holes and show all the prep, body, prime, seal and top coats to do a really nice custom paint job. Same can be applied to a stock color just less steps in the stock. It is a Camaro but paint is paint. 

I think at the end he says he did in 10 days and there is a running list of where all the materials came from at the end. He is very specific on types of materials used and grits of paper used in prep and finish. Of course they are wanting to sell their products.

I think it is one of the more detailed videos I have seen and will give those thinking about jumping in a good overview of the process. 

I am glad to see he uses an air mask which I should have done years ago and now paying for it with Emphysema. 

Here is the link hope it works.

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When a man is in the woods and talks and no women are there is he still wrong??:P


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A 1976 Camaro 4.1 was my first American car. And it started off silver! Ended up getting it sprayed white with red accents around the wheel wells and rockers and blacked out the chrome to match the Z28 colour scheme.



Back on topic, that is some serious work, clearly the video was made for the professional painter that has his own shop, there is no way you could do that kind of painting in your own garage even having all that clean air system and heated booth is impressive.


Thanks for posting it up,I did enjoy watching it.

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