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Grabber Lime Restoration Update - Taillights/Bumper

Motorcity Mustang

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Finally it is starting to look like a car again.  Installed the trunk light and the little clips that go along with them.   Taillight housings were painted and finally installed.  Bumper has been re-chromed and installed. 


A coupe of tips -


1) Don't take the trunk light wiring out if you don't need to!!  Trying to fish it back in and around the corner of the decklid is a real pain and time consuming (along with a few choice words when it slips back in!)


2) Don't tighten the rear bumper after you align it from side to side, and make sure your license plate wire is put into the hole in the taillight panels before you tighten the bumper down.   You will need to align the bumper vertically to make sure the space is the same below the taillights to the bumper on both sides (or the best you can).   You can't get your fingers in between the bumper and the taillight panel to put the license light wire through the hole once the bumper is tightened down.


And no, the Good Humor Ice Cream sign does not go on the roof for deliveries.


Looks real sweet, Mike.

Nothing better than Grabber Lime on the 71's. Keep up the good work.

Tim: Restoring 71-73 Ponies, Restoring People




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Moving right along. Are you guys out of work with the virus or do you still go in?


I am retired from Ford (retired in 2017), but FCSD (Ford Customer Service Division) is working from home (as most of the folks at Ford are).  They will make a decision in mid-April on next steps.  Raises are deferred, and some folks will have their pay reduced 20% until this fall to save money.  They will get that money towards the end of the year, but they need to save cash since we aren't building any vehicles now.  


I, on the other hand, go to my garage every day to work my parts business and work on my cars.  I am the only one there, so social distancing works great.  Garage-Cars.jpg

Thanks from MotorCity Mustang!


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