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Hood twist locks

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I’m considering adding hood twist locks to my 72 Mach1 but I’m concerned about cutting the holes without damaging the paint. Has anyone out there tried this? If so what technique did you use and what tools worked best? Any tips would be appreciated. Thanks Frank aka Mr Mach1

Going fast is fun but life is short so slow down and enjoy the ride :D Frank

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Hey Frank, I had the twist locks added to my car, but I didn’t do the install. I had the shop where I was having some repairs done. I had to get a new hood, so while they were at it I had them add the locks. I really like the way they look. But it did take quite a bit of adjusting them to get right. I wasn’t real happy with the way the shop had them adjusted. Plus, for some reason they painted the hold down plates black. They are supposed to be natural, so I still need to take them off and remove the paint.

Anyway if you decide to do this, good luck! Let me know if you need any pics

John - 72 Q Code

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