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Repairing 71 A/C Dash vent tube

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Hello, My Dash Vent tube has a worn away oval hole in it.  Has anyone had any success in repairing holes in their tubes, superglue does not seem to stick to the plastic material? 


Does anyone know what type of plastic these were formed from?

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The material is ABS plastic. You can get ABS glue at your local home supply used on the black plumbing pipe that is ABS plastic. Also heat from a soldering iron can be used to fix a crack. Acetone will also melt the plastic. If you can find a spare scrap piece the acetone can be used to make a paste to fill in gaps. A picture will help us understand your problem.

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Looks more like a broken out hole than a wear hole. Kind of big to fill in, I would get a small sheet of ABS plastic from Amazon or a hardware store, cut out a patch piece, use a heat gun to form it and use ABS glue (solvent) to attach the patch.



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I have bought a couple of cheap plastic tool boxes from harbor freight and have cut them up to make patches out of. They form well using a heat gun and glue up with ABS.




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So a little update,

I tried plastic guttering solvent cement and that did not stick to the pipe and neither did superglue.  So I decided to use resin and fibreglass.

I first cut some small patch pieces and let them dry, then wrapped the pipe all the way around.  49763626151_1aec7e9400_c.jpg


When dry, sanded back fibreglass and then applied some flexible filler used for polyurethane bumper repairs.



When dry, I then sanded this back, added a bit more where needed and again sanded back.49763953712_afc014a526_c.jpg


Finally a coat of grey primer over the area followed by a coat of Gloss black.



I'm really pleased with the result  ::thumb::  Too bad it will not be seen under the dash, but it will give me piece of mind  :P

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I think it is an excellent job ::thumb:: ... an alternative could  sped up the process with big 3M adhesive lined heavy duty heat-shrink then finished same way.

Thanks ::thumb::

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