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Covid 19 Humor

Don C

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We are now on our second week into self isolation and it's kind of upsetting me to witness my wife standing at the living room window gazing aimlessly into space, with tears running down her cheeks.  It breaks my heart to see her like this, and I've thought very hard of how I can cheer her up. I've even considered letting her come inside the house, but rules are rules.




My boss sent me that one today. Thought it was pretty good.

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Why is the Bird Flu worse ?


 It's Un-Tweetable !

Contact me direct at ib4stangs@yahoo.com for photos or with your zip code for a shipping quote...thanx, Pat

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Sung to the tune of ALONE AGAIN , Naturally


Sung to the tune of ALONE AGAIN , Naturally


In a little while from now

When were not quarantined to go out

I promise myself to treat myself

And visit a nearby town


I walk into the garage

And sit REAL close to you

In an effort to, get to work with you

Like before our lives were shattered

Standing feet apart in a store

With people saying “my God he coughed, that close enough”

Wait was I inhaling


We may as well stay home

A least I have my Phone

Alone again Coronally


To think that only yesterday

I went to work and got paid

Driving Mustang’s too, Camaro’s wouldn’t do

Just a role I had to play


But as if to knock me out

Corona came about

And without so much as a mere touch

Cut their value into pieces


Leaving us to work, by ourselves


Or if a cure does exist, will we all be worthy

Now any hour of the day

I drink and smoke some weed

Alone again, Corona V


It seems to me that there are cars

Lying in the world that should be mended

Left unattended, what will they do What will you do?


Now looking back over the years

Restoring Mustang that appeared

I remember I cried when Iococca died

Knowing it just wasn’t about the fear


Now at 65 years old

This virus has taken a toll

I can’t understand, why the only man

Making money is Jeff Bazeo’s

Forcing us to buy, into a system that so badly broken

Dispite a government check or 2

No money left I’m broken


So when this is gone away

We’ll drive and drive all day

In Mustangs too – Corona Free

In Mustangs too – Corona FREE

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feeling 16 again:

- hair is growing

- gas is cheap 

- I'm on lock down. 



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1972 Mach 1, 351C-2V, wimbledon white, blue all vinyl luxury

born in Dearborn, grown in the district of San José, spent a lifetime in California, moved to Germany in 2010

Mustang_Mach1_wallpaper_300_150.jpg proud member of clublogozusammen.JPG.59fb4a10d15cfff9ec756235059135b8.JPG

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OMG......my new fav....... :bravo:

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Ya Know.......they found the fisrt 2 in China that started this virus:


Sum Ting Wong

Ho Lee Fuk



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