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Hoping the experts here can help me with a rear seat belt question. There are no rear seat belts presently and I have 3 women who want to ride at the same time!


Anyways, I have a 72 Convertible and the deluxe interior and I swear I saw somewhere that matters. It looks to me like these would just be the normal 2 point lap belts? I’m looking for the complete sets for both seats in the back. I don’t even care if they’re repro at this point, just want to verify that I’m on the right track before I waste time & money.


Looking to get this trim panel off and get it medium blue to match the rest and 88d4645c5546cde5f6c87dafb5b5fc80.jpgget the seat belts in.


Thanks y’all.





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They are just the normal lap belts and the retractable part goes thru the slot shown in your pic. There’s a possibility of the belts  still being in there behind the panels and the seat. If not then try Don from Ohio Mustang Supply or Mike from Motor City Mustang. They are both vendors on this site and may have a pair for your back seat belts. Blue may be tough to get, so you might have to go with black.





John - 72 Q Code

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