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New to Site 73 Mach 1


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I'm looking for info on how best to market my car for sale. I have owned car since 1986. It was a Barn find that had sat for 7 years prior to me buying it. I had a good body and paint job done to the car in 86. Other than wheels and tires I replaced last summer the car has needed very little over the years. To my memory I don't believe it has seen rain since 86, and probably has had under 10,000 miles put on since 86. I was considering having a Marti report done prior to selling but wasn't sure what everyone thinks. Any help would be great.





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Hi Brian and welcome from Ohio.


Don't know why you are wanting to sell such a good looking car. Some of the rules of this site is when you are selling something you need to have a price listed. Besides here there are the obvious places such as facebook market place, ebay, craigslist and the other on line car sites. A Marti report would help on the sale of it. The more documentation you have will help the value of it. Of course like anything else the overall condition and any previous work that might have been done will effect the final price.




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...or keep it, stay in here and join in the fun.  ::thumb::


But if you do wish to sell - best thing to do is put up all it's specs - VIN and a load more pictures in Classifieds 


welcome by the way


Enjoy's searching out 71-73 history

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A Marti will help for sure. If you do the cheap $18.00 one they email and you will have in a few days. If you do the Elite it takes months.

Lots of detailed pics of areas of the car that normally have rust will put buyer at ease. Trunk, cowl, inner fenders, wheel houses, floors. If you have before paint pics that also helps. When you close the deal take cash only and get a marker to check the bills. Lots of counterfeit bills showing up in hard times. On craigslist you put ads anywhere you want around the country. Ebay is so full of joke bidders you will sell it a dozen times before anyone closes the deal.

If we get through this virus taking to some of the big mustang meets might get you a buyer.

With so many out of work I would think a year or so for people to recover on finances I hate to see what my retirement funds look like. Will be a tough sell for sure right now.

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Thanks for the info guys. I figured I would start here on the road to selling. Any added info would be great. Also what is the best way to determine actual value? Is there a way?

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