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front seat swap. ideas needed

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I've decided I want to swap my front buckets to something more like a pro-touring type seat. by that I mean: something with more support, but not a race seat with bolsters so big you have to climb over them. lumbar support would be nice.  I want a material that is some sort of fabric, or at least breathable.  I also recently installed new 3-point seatbelts that I want to keep

I really don't like my fixed position vinyl OEM seats, so the new seats must have some recline adjustments. I don't like sitting bolt upright and getting all sweaty. I'm trying to stay under $500/seat.


I can find lots of great options online, but I have no idea how to tell what fits. I don't trust the seller filters where you select year, make, model.....in my experience, anything can fit in anything if you modify it enough.  I want bolt-in seat rails and seats.


I am leaning towards stuff like this:  https://www.carid.com/1973-ford-mustang-seats/nrg-innovations-rsc-400-frp-bucket-seat-735731596.html?parentsubmodel[]=SUBMODEL|Fastback


anybody have success with a seat swap like this?



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I just found this kit.  reclining, velour, mild bolster. seems pretty inexpensive and the claim is that they bolt in.  one review says the seat is 1" higher than stock, but that is prob going to be true for every new seat.



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One thing you have to take into consideration is the height of the seat bottom, whether aftermarket or repurposed (like from SN95 Mustangs). I read an article several years ago and the ProCar seats from Summit seem to be a viable solution. If I were going the new seat route those would be my choice. My choice for replacement seats is leaning towards repurposing seat from newer Mustangs.



“If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough.”

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I don't know what it would take to install them but, the standard seats in the 15-20 Mustang GTs are supportive, comfortable, and don't look like they belong in a Rally car. Chuck

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This was one of the reviews of the summit racing seats.

"The seats are OK quality wise and fairly comfortable but the mounting brackets that are made for my 72 Mustang had to be completely rebuilt. The base bracket that is bolted to the floor had to be ground down and rounded so the bolts would fit and not cut into the carpet. The slider mounts were too high!! my head touched the roof and my legs were cramped into the steering wheel. spent two days cutting, grinding, welding new bolt mounts to lower and move back so I could get into the car without being a contortionist"

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So, I've got the ProCar Rally Seats on my '72, and seats out of Fox-body Mustangs on my '73 and '65.

Yes, once you're in them, the ProCar seats are a lot nicer (and fun) to ride in, but they're a pain to get in and out of. I'm a big guy though, so maybe this won't be applicable to you. However, they're also beginning to show signs of wear (rubbing) on the left side bolster from getting in and out of the car.

On the other hand, the Fox seats are a ton more comfortable than the stock seats (both from the '65 and '73), are more adjustable, and I think will look more "natural" once they're reupholstered to match the interior.

In my opinion, it'll all depend on what you're going to use the car for. If you're going to use it as a daily or the occasional drive/cruise, go with something more practical like stock seats out of something else. If you want more of a "race car experience" and don't mind the hassle of climbing in and out of them, go with something like the ProCar seats.


**It may sounds like I'm bashing the ProCar seats, but I'm not. They definitely help keep my butt planted and give me more confidence to take turns faster. They're quite fun to drive in! Just not on a daily basis**

'65 Mustang - 289 - T5 - 3.55 TruTrac

'72 Mustang - 302 - FMX (soon to be AOD) - 2.79 pegleg

'73 Mustang - 351C - FMX - 2.79 pegleg

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