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Edelbrock gasket failure

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OK, I've calmed down enough to post this. I just experienced my second gasket failure with the Edelbrock supplied water pump to timing cover plate gasket that comes with the water pump. The first was a few years ago on a 71 Torino restoration. It leaked after about 50 miles. I replaced it with a Fel Pro and wrote it off as a fluke or some how my mistake. Today on the 72 MACH I notice a small leak where the pump meets the plate. The same place as the Torino. I no longer believe it was a fluke on the Torino. The effort required to change the gasket and get the engine detail back is no small thing. So, if you use an Edelbrock Pump use a Fel Pro gasket. Next build I'll consider a Stewart pump instead. An internet search on "Edelbrock water pump gasket failure" is very revealing. In retrospect, I suppose I should have posted this in product reviews.

Caveat Emptor! If this hobby/addiction was easy I suppose everyone would be doing it. Chuck UPDATE, number 3 failure of Edelbrock supplied water pump gasket, this time on a SBF.

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THANKS for the post, Chuck as I have an Edelbrock pump that is going on my 545.


I will definitely use a Fel Pro gasket!



Do the RIGHT thing.

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