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C4 Transmission Fluid

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The C4 was rebuilt back in 2018 and the proper fluid level had been added.

In order to do some additional maintenance, we then removed the tail shaft and the transmission pan about 1 year later.  We were not able to capture all of the leaking transmission fluid to measure, so we do not have any idea as to how many quarts were lost.

The repair manual indicates 9 quarts are required for a c4 and we know the transmission still has an amount in the bell housing area.  My question is how many quarts are needed to top-off the system after only removing the tail shaft and pan?





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The converter has some fluid in it from previous run. You should be able to fill up to the level on the stick and be safe starting. Then top it off at Idle in neutral like is says on the stick. Will probably be several quarts.

When a man is in the woods and talks and no women are there is he still wrong??:P


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I just did a trans service and filter on my 73 vert. ......4qts will get you on the dip stick.......add from there.  ::thumb::

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Thank you. I just did not want to overfill at the first attempt.


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