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I am rebuilding a 1971 mustang convertible with a 351C 4V. The car has all the options and the wiring on the car is totally gone. I want to rewire the car. What is the best aftermarket wiring kit for this year? I have been looking but cant find one the will fit the car.



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The BEST is a "restored Ford, correct for the car, EASY to route , plug and play AND available from one of our FRIENDS here, long time contributor, trusted vendor and "Sponsor" (Read how you get to view this for free) !!!


Look to MIDLIFE Harnesses for your needs. http://midlifeharness.com/



P.S. PS from a 62 year old mentor out of work that IF WE are going to live in a post corona world we will all have to help each other. NOT even going to talk about Painless (for race cars) or AWW (for 100K modded cars)

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Agreed and he is always open to questions....

Thanks, Jay

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Never heard of him. Does he have a website? Maybe click on the link or go to sponsors' forum?

Let me check your shorts!




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I bought an entire harness from Don of OMS and had Midlife

go through it and fix/replace what was needed.

Came back with all parts bagged and labeled.

This is for a '71 Grande and weighs 11 lbs.




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