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have a set of M/T valve covers, what grommets are you guys using for the pvc. was going to use original twist on oil fill cap, will not fit, would have to trim ears of cap to fit, and then would not know if it would lock in place, till I tried it. hate to do that and ruin cap if it does not work.20200502-174310.jpg

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On my old Mickey covers I had to do the same. I trimmed the tabs with no issue.

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Hemikiller has it right. Frankly, I am a bit surprised at how many of my customers don't know about Ford's "twist-in" pcv grommet. It's been around since '68, I think. Here's the deal...…...Ford, in their infinite wisdom, realized that it was costing them additional stampings to stamp out two different valve covers, one with a twist-in for the oil fill/breather cap, and one for the pcv. SO, Ford started stamping only the twist-in cover, and supplying a simple rubber twist-in grommet for the other side's pcv valve. I've seen so many butchered valve covers because some owners ( and some mechanics) didn't really know Fords. Every Mustang/Ford parts supplier has the grommet though, and it's real handy. Then again, there's those guys who render the pcv system in-op like they expect to gain horsepower or something......

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