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E-brake cable floor bracket

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Hi,it has bin a while since I have posted.My Mach 1 project is now again front and center.I have a question.I installed new floor pans about 3 years ago and I can't find the paper with location of the e-brake cable bracket that attaches to the pass floor somewhere around the frame rail and the trans crossmember.Does anyone know where exactly where it gets welded to the floor

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Perhaps these picture will help. I prefer to call it "the parking brake cable" as believe me, it won't do much for you in an emergency. However, I get that this is what most refer to it as.

These are from my 71 Mcah 1


Hook, right side.


Tension spring, left side.


Rear connector, left side.


Cable down from brake pedal.


Bracket and holding clip.

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 I learn something new every day!

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