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Clutch rods, equalizer bar, brackets, and Hurst shifter rod finishes for 1971


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Hello - I tried search but came up empty.  I am looking for guidance on the finishes for the clutch and gearbox activation parts.  The MCA judging rules are a bit vague in these areas.  They merely state that the transmission "linkage" is Clear or Yellow Zinc dichromate, reverse lock rod is yellow Zinc dichromate in the Boss concours trailered/driven rules.  The transmission type is not specified and linkage is not a very precise term given the lack of transmission type.  The '71-'73 concours trailered/driven rules state that the linkage is phosphate and oil and that manual transmissions should have a lower shifter boot, so there seems to be some conflict in the rules.  Any insights are appreciated!



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I went and looked and I did not have any good pics of mine. When I pulled transmission out to clean the shift rods had undercoating on them in places so they did not rust. I think I remember zinc with dichromate on the spots when I cleaned them. I will see if I can see with a flash light. I can't get the car to the lift right now.

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Mine have some yellow dichromate left on the shift rods, but something I didn't pay much attention to. As for the rubber boot, my 71 had about 1/2 of it left, so I know it did have one, however these are NOT reproduced and for some reason, the '70 that is available doesn't fit, I tried.


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I just disassembled the transmission from a Dearborn 71 M-code 4 speed car, April 71 build date. I cleaned everything with mineral spirits to preserve finishes and paint daubs.


Shift rods are zinc dichromate, or in today's finishes, zinc w/yellow wash

Hurst shift mechanism is phosphate and oil

Shift bushings are dark brown

Shifter levers are phosphate and oil as well.

Shifter mounting plate is phosphate and oil



I can post pics later



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Thanks - That would be great.  Can you tell anything about the equalizer and brackets?


Here's the pics of the shifter components. I'll dig out the clutch linkage parts over the weekend and clean them up.


Going to revise my descriptions of the finishes.



Shifter housing, arms, lever and mounting bracket are a very dark phosphate type coating, leaning towards manganese phosphate, which is excellent for this type of application. It's a very heavy plating, unlike most zinc phosphates, and has a textured sparkly appearance. The blue paint appears to be an inspection mark, very much like the Dark Ford Blue engine paint. 


Shift levers that bolt to the transmission appear to be bare metal


Shift arms are a yellow zinc for certain, not yellow cad as the coating is transparent. 


Lockout rod is silver cad















Shift levers- bare steel




Shift rods - D1ZA - zinc dichromate / yellow zinc




Column lockout / backdrive rod - silver cad - D1ZA-7E330-DA - 4 speed





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Have you had a chance to check the equalizer bar, clutch actuator rod (from the pedal) and equalizer brackets?


It looks like I can actually do this plating at home - even the zinc dichromate.



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My NOS equalizer an brackets are silver in color.  So either Cadmium or Zinc.



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