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Wheel and Tires

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I think u can go online to "cooper tire" and see what they have. or pep boys. i'm thinking of changing mine also but keep the tires.

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I have the factory forged aluminum wheels on my 73 vert and 73 Mach 1. The vert has the Cooper Cobra tires and I got them from Discount Tire. I have used them for several years now. They are very careful with the wheels and they always use a torque wrench to tighten the lugs to prevent warping your rotors and drums. They ride good and stick to our curvy mountain roads. I cleaned the wheels really good in the bead area and have no leaks.

The Mach 1 has a set of the Goodyear RWL like came on it originally. It will be in a museum most of the time. My pics of the vert are lost on bad hard drive. Here are the Goodyears. They are only sold by one place Lucas Tire and Coker Tire does not have them They pissed Goodyear off and they pulled all of the Goodyears out. 

Link to Lucas. https://www.lucasclassictires.com/F70-14-Goodyear-RWL-CWT-E-S-CB5KJ.htm

They just recently released a radial look alike the originals. They are very expensive just depends on what are looking for.DSC-1122.jpg



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You can do a search for tires or wheels on this forum and find many pictures of what others have on their cars and where they got them from. Might give you a starting point for what you think looks good. Then, do a web search for the wheels or tires you like and see what suppliers come up with packages.



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