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How to remove quarter window weatherstrip

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Hey folks,


Last night I tried to remove the quarter window weatherstrip (the trim at the bottom of the window) but that did not work out. I saw that there are little metal hooks (kinda like little anchors) hanging down from the strip, the "anchors" going through a hole in the body. Is there a trick to get them out without destroying the anchors?




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there is a thread about how to do it   you need to remove the metal strip from the window  use a piece of wood and a small hammer to tap off the chrome and rubber strip off the window   then replacing the new rubber back in is no fun  try to find the instructions it will help a lot

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No, I mean the piece on the quarter panel along the bottomof the window, the horizontal bit.

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Mine had one screw and the rest was pressed in, metal fingers into slots. Use a nylon pry bar after you find any screws that may be in it. Unless the wx strip is in great condition you mind as well replace it when you put it back in.

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To answer my own question.


That little lip going through the hole needs to be pushed back to get it out in an orderly fashion, like so:




Do the same with the other one at the back:



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