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Headliner install

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I think I used NPD’s roof insulation.  Here is a picture before I started with headliner.  The headliner is TMI, I really like their products.  This was way outside my comfort zone but the person who I wanted to do it kept putting me off.A3463836-4CAF-4C5D-ADE0-ABAC60EC0DE4.thumb.jpeg.744225d1169ee7b08becc70c8cede7fb.jpeg

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My picture got turned upside down, sorry.

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Great to see a member take on a new task and be successful. Looks great.

I know someone that was going to take their just painted car to trim shop to get them to install headliner. He put the windshield and rear glass in before taking. He soon learned he doubled his cost.  ::thumb::

When a man is in the woods and talks and no women are there is he still wrong??:P


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Thanks.  As far as glass removal, I took the side quarter windows and back glass out but I kept the windshield in the car.  I was a little worried the windshield being in would be a problem but it really wasn’t. It would probably be a little easier but certainly not worth the trouble of taking windshield out just to do a headliner.

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