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Life is just not fair

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I just got text from my friend that does restorations. A mutual friend of ours fell off of his roof late today and has severe injuries. Clay that has the restoration shop and I worked in his dads tool & die shop in the 1980's. Another apprentice was Jon and I got to know his Dad Toni. Toni worked for the local power company and worked on the lines. We were all hunters and I took them to Montana 3 times. We had some great times. Would get together at Christmas and have a feast. 

So another of my friends is on the brink of leaving this earth. At best he just survives and probably paralyzed. For you younger guys never think you are going to retire and live out your dreams. Start living them the minute you have them. I do not care if you are 18 never put anything in a bucket to do later. Life is short at the very best. It seems I will have no friends left soon. 

Salute Toni you are a great friend and we made great memories.

When a man is in the woods and talks and no women are there is he still wrong??:P


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