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Help!! Where do I mount these parts that go behind seat/quarter panel

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Yep, should have taken pictures of interior as I took it apart as I suffer from CRS (can't remember s&%t).I cannot find any reference to these in the shop manual  and I have searched the forum to no avail.  I have these two metal pices, I know they go on the area behind the seat back near the end of the quarter panel but I cannot remember where.  In one picture I am holding one of the pieces in the general area where I think it goes. I also guess I covered up a few mounting holes with my sound deadener.  Any help as to where these go would be appreciated, thanks.

int pieces 001.JPG

int pieces 003.JPG

int pieces 002.JPG

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Hope this helps



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If you would like a larger image I can provide it

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Hey there fellow Stangers,

I bought a set of these trim pieces off of eBay before seeing this thread (it's gonna cost me).  One of my side trim pieces had the ears (the little triangular tab that sticks up in the pictures above) and one didn't.  I thought the asymmetry was a little odd for Ford, but assumed there was a reason for it (remember what happens when you assume).  After seeing the pics above, and the way that the driver side bracket doesn't align up with the screw holes, it's clear I have the wrong piece for my car.  

Anyone know what car this style bracket goes with?  https://www.ebay.com/itm/1971-1972-1973-Mustang-Mach-1-Fastback-Standard-Rear-Back-Seat-Brackets-Non-Fold/233415758664?hash=item3658a9d348:g:67YAAOSwljFd3bEb  I would like to be able to accurately describe it on eBay when I sell the one that doesn't fit.

Oh, and does anyone have an extra one of the correct style they're willing to part with.  If so, please let me know what you want for it.



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Nick, there was a change with the side seat brackets. 

I'm not exactly sure when but I think it had to do with the change of the seat belt location, when they went to the retractable set up in the rear

I'm sure I have a set of the other brackets you need. I will get  them out later and PM you a picture and info

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