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Automatic Shifter Bushings Replacement

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I need to replace the shifter  plastic bushing on the floor shifter (FMX).  Shifter moves sideways.  Looking at getting a set Part # 44-38959-1 from MAC's auto.  Cost is  not the issue here,but I've learned to ask the members when buying replacements parts. Some are just plain junk!!! and I hate to have car down for weeks while I look for plastic bushings.  


Also  Happy Father's Day !!!!

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Not sure if you done your rebuild or not. I just did one myself. I did take the cable out of the shift rod and cleaned everything and added new lube Lucas Red N Tacky #2. I will order bushings from NPD they are close to me and always great service.

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Hi , I bought shifter rebuild parts, some from NPD and WCC.  I have the parts but I decided to 'baby' the shifter until fall.  I really hate to mess with car when it's 90 out.  I'm going to do this and the rear spring at the same time this fall, before winter.   Plus I really like to drive the car summer evenings and don't what to have it off line cause I did a dumb ass mistake :)  I believe on my FMX I need to remove  the linkage at the tranny. 

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This is not too hard of a fix. Just disconnect the linkage right at the bottom of the shifter. (mark it first). Then go inside the vehicle, remove shifter plastic bezel, and locator black out strip, and maybe Neutral safety switch. (Trying to remember the steps) Then If I recall it was a 9/16" offset to loosen the nut. Remove shifter handle, and replace bushings. This is  a good time to lube cable and check everything else as well!! Maybe new shifter light bulb. Remember to grease bushings too!! Good luck!!

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