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Hood trim

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 Hello jowens1126,

The hood rear molding was used for a very short time in early 71 production. The hood rear molding (D1ZZ-16B918-A) was a push on type with no attaching parts required. All Mustangs and  Cougar XR-7 (65F and 76F) used the same hood molding and was installed up to 2/1/71. The upper rear edge of  the fenders also had a matching push on molding but were different between the Mustang and Cougar. The Mustang (left: D1ZZ-16C133-A right: D1ZZ-16C132-A) and Cougar XR-7 (left: D1WY-16C133-A  right: D1WY-16C132-A) were also not used after 2/1/71 and can be difficult to find or in good shape.
I have a early build 71 Mach 1 (9-21-70) that I acquired in 1981. The hood rear molding was already missing (probably done by PO when the hood was removed for an engine swap) and what was left of the fender rear moldings were damaged. Time was not kind to these moldings.

There are no repo versions of this part that I am aware of. With such a short time span of this part being production installed, I doubt that you will see any made. If you feel that you would still like to add them to your car I suggest you try Don @ Ohio Mustang Supply, Mike @ Motor City Mustang, or West Coast Classic Cougar and hope that one of them just may have some early 71's with those moldings still intact.



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Thanks for the info.  Im not going to use it, but I will take it off and save it.  Im also removing the body side molding which is in really good shape.


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.I just got a parts car and it has these moldings in what appears to be great shape (one of the few things that is...omg the rust lol). Debating if I should sell or see if they should go on one of my 71s


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