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Mach 1 drivers seat for tall men

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I have a 71 Mach 1, I have a bit of difficulty getting my self in, steering and shifting due to being 6’ 2” tall. Has anyone here ever modified there seat or do they make a kit to help get some leg room? I’m sure someone on this forum has the same problem as I do. I looked at how it’s bolted down and the back bolts kind of hook over to the back side of the seat platform making it harder to modify. Unfortunately my car didn’t come with a tilt steering wheel which would help getting into my car. Clutching and steering would still be a issue. Thanks for any help you can give my.

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Yes, very easy.  I didn't go through the extra trouble of fitting like jtassin did.  My seat brackets allowed enough bend to install as it.  The extra 2 inches of foot space they provide is a Godsend!

Jason (71 Mach 1, 351C 4V, 4 Spd. Toploader, Grabber Blue)

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Interesting you're having legroom issues at 6'2".  I'm 6'5" and my biggest problem is headroom (I did screw up my headliner installation by using the lowest holes for the headliner bows, so it's kind of self-inflicted).  I did, however, move my seat platforms back about 2" to help with the legroom issue, but I'm not gonna lie - when I first hopped in the car, I didn't feel like head or leg room was all that much of a concern, given some of the other cars I've had in my lifetime so far.


Hope this works out for you.  As well, I understand TMI Products offers a one-piece headliner solution that could also free up some headroom space.  I'm thinking about getting one for mine.  I hate the idea of tearing out a perfectly good factory style headliner that I actually did a fairly decent job of installing... but then again, mine's a restomodded H-Code, so it's not like I'd be bringing the value down or anything. 😉



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