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Fuel Pump Leak?

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Hey yall,

Started up my 73 this morning to go for a drive and as i pulled out of my garage i noticed a fluid leak on the floor. I saw that it was fuel, smell and it disappeared quickly under the Texas sun. I opened up the hood and did not see much. Then I looked under and saw fuel dripping close from where the oil filter is at. I was wondering what could be the problem. Its got all the original fuel lines and im assuming it needs new hoses all around. Been slow to work on the car ever since "'The Rona" hit.




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It's likely the fuel pump. It has a weep hole that lets fuel escape when the diaphragm has failed. If someone has replaced the original steel tube  with A rubber hose between the pump and carburetor it could be the hose or the clamp.

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Thanks Don! Im gonna check it out.

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If the diaphragm goes it can pump the gas into your engine crankcase. Check your oil level if overfull you probably have gas in it. You might be able to smell it also. 
You can check the fuel pump by using a brake bleed vacuum pump. Take the connection to the carburator off should be a metal line. Pull the connection to the fuel tank off and put a short piece of hose to your vacuum pump and put on the tank line side. Hold your finger over the port to carb and pump the vacuum pump. If it will not hold a vacuum diaphragm is bad. When you go to get new one take the pump with you i have had new ones bad out of the box. 

If you have never changed the rubber hose you need to go get you some ethanol resistant hose. Get the fuel injection hose clamps they are smooth and will not distort the hose. You have a short piece at the carb., at the fuel pump, under the brake master cylinder going through the inner fender and then back at the gas tank. There is also a vapor connection on top of the tank but do not worry about that until you pull the tank. 

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