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Anyone installed one of these? Cj says it fits but the install doc is very vague. If you have one working how did you attach the white wire and to where?

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ok apparently noone has tried. So maybe i'll be the first. Midlife, do you have any writeup on the speedo anywhere? It is after all electro/mechanical. If not do you have any description of the speedo itself? Like what the end of the speedo cable actually does? From my understanding it is squared to make a specific current that the "speedcup" (i guess thats the metal around the insertion point) picks up on on thats what drives the actual needle. If I'm correct in all of that awesome and I could make it work from there. If not what am I missing in the operation?


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The speedometer in our cars is strictly mechanical, no electrical connections. The needle is driven by a spinning magnet, that's driven by the speedometer cable. 



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The sky drive works with aftermarket electronic speedometers.


If you want to use it with your original mechanical speedometer you will need an electronic/mechanical adapter


A word of warning about GPS, if you live anywhere near a military installation you may occasionally lose GPS signal.



“If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough.”

--Albert Einstein


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