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One more of that car. Yea that would be cool. I had visions of a tunnel ram on mine as well. Not going to happen, but the teenager in me wants to go for it. 



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That air scoop has been around for years. I think Mr.Gasket makes it, and I think it was called a "Street Scoop". There's a linkage that comes with it to hook up to your throttle arm, so that the butterflies open and close with the throttle pedal.

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Correct look for:

1. With a blower attached.

2. If you are a "fast and Furious" fanboy.

3. OR live in Tijuana. ( If 2. or 3. is selected, Spinner hubcaps are a MUST!)

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Those discount faux injector air scoops look a bit "high school" to me.  Better would be to pop velocity stacks or a Hilborn style scoop up there, rather than the injector look, and it really doesn't look close enough to a real Enderle Bugcatcher injector. If this is the look you want, go to  garlitsperformanceproducts  .  This company makes a far and away better product which will actually enclose the carburetion, and externally replicates the Enderle unit much closer. Not trying to "dis" anyone here, it's just that no one has brought up this unit, and being "car guys" ( I'm assuming you all are ), you all should know about this scoop.

garlits performance products.jpg

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