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PCV and intake manifold oil leak related?

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Hi, Is it possible a sticking PVC valve on a 351C 2v might cause oil blow by around the China wall gasket at the back of intake manifold? Oil 'was' pooling near this area but now appears to have stopped after cleaning and messing with the PCV.   It's the original intake and gasket set. Planning to replace pcv and breather filter anyway.

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Yes, it's possible. If the PCV isn't functioning properly, you could build up pressure in the crankcase. It has to go somewhere, so it finds the path of least resistance. 

I had an '01 Audi A6 that I got for a song since it leaked like a sieve and the owner was quoted $3k to reseal the engine by the dealer. A little Google searching turned up the fact that the crankcase ventilation systems on the 3.0 V6 were known to plug up with coke and cause oil leaks. I spent about two hours with carb clean, engine brushes and pressurized air to clean it out. After I was done, it never leaked a drop. 


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Thanks for the confirmation.  I'm still watching for a leak.  I was planning to remove intake this fall to fix this  but maybe I'll get lucky.  

 I didn't think it was leaking 25 years ago when I last drove it.  LOL !!!!   I know I wasn't 

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