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Web browser bookmarks not working anymore


I striped my Mach1 down last year for blocking and new paint right down to removing the drip rails. I had saved a lot of articles to my web browser bookmarks. The car is coming back from the paint booth next week and now none of the bookmarks work.

All I get is Not Found The requested URL was not found on server. Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

I had researched and bookmarked articles for over a year. Such things as reinstalling the drip rails, installing the rear window, converting the rear windows to roll down and on and on. Now besides for the Body Manual I'm working in the dark. Any ideas?

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Hey Bushwacker I had the same problem, I too had saved a bunch of threads in my notes on my profile page to help me with my build so I asked if it would be possible  to return that feature to the new site. I was told it was a possibility but so far no luck yet. Rocketfoot did post this link 

I clicked on the link and the old site pops up and I have access to my saved bookmarks so you should be able to do the same. I had saved them to my notes in my profile page. Good Luck!

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Yes, sorry for the inconvenience but the new site doesn't parse URL's the same way as the old on did so there was no way to recover the old bookmarks.  As rio suggested, you can either use the old archive site:


...or you can search out the links you need on the new site and FOLLOW them so you have quick access in the future from right here.  Follow is built right into the software here so it isn't going anywhere.  Bookmark was a 3rd party plugin on the old site that was about to stop working after the next big update.  That is one of the big reasons I had to switch was all of the plugins that we had on the old site just to make it work like this site does from the box!  The plugins kept breaking and the authors were all non USA codes that didn't seem to support their scripts real well!

Instructions for the new FOLLOW bookmarks...

If you decide to save a thread that you are reading, just scroll to the top of the page and you will see a button titled FOLLOW.  Click it and a window will open asking how you want to follow the thread...with notifications of new posts, without notifications, etc...  Make your selections and click FOLLOW at the bottom to save.  Now you can access and manage your followed content any time by clicking on your username at the top right of the screen and then clicking MANAGE FOLLOWED CONTENT about half way down the list. 

The Manage Followed Content Page is very useful!  You can delete no longer needed threads, change notification preferences and of course visit your save content!

Again, I apologize for the old bookmarks being lost but I feel certain that once you start using the Follow feature here, you will find it super easy and very useful!




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